Shifting To The Newest Surround Sound System

Gone are the days when surround sound was a stronghold of the living room entertainment scene only. Lately, the car stereos are increasingly becoming surround sound systems. Surround sound makes your listening experience extraordinary, with a 3D effect to everything. It may require decent investment to have it installed in your car but it is worth the trouble.

It will require you to make some advance arrangements, having in mind details like where exactly you need your speakers and subwoofers placed. Have them at a decent distance from your passengers such that they are not irritating or inaudible.

For the best quality, have a total of four speakers, each placed at a level higher than the ear level. That is where the sound quality will come out clearest. The level of sounds reached are in that sense, high quality.

That caliber of speakers needs more power than usual. This means that you will have to buy an amplifier to boost the power that is being channeled to your speaker.

Some times, you might need a center speaker. You can have this joined with a tweeter and put at the dashboard. The tweeter is what you need to bring those high frequency sounds to make the hats sound good. The crossover is the gadget that will differentiate between high frequency and bass sounds.

Surround sound processors will need to be incorporated into the whole package that you are buying. A digital signal needs to have a processor that can match the same kind of signal. Therefore consider that when you are making the purchase.

The sound format of your analogue stereo can be transformed to digital format by using a processor that can convert it.

Now, you are ready to have 3D surround sound in your car. With that done, you can now experience the fullest of the experience

Digital DJ System – New Equipment & Resources For DJ’S in the New Millennium

Over the the years the craft of the DJ has evolved with the times quite steadily that is, until the advent of computer technology. Gone are the days of carrying around heavy crates full of vinyl records.

Now instead of having to search through crates of vinyl to play music now all you have to do is point and click or drag & drop and….BAM! THERE IT IS! With the introduction of digital music and media such as mp3’s and videos the DJ has been given a new sense of freedom and creativity never before imagined.

Being a DJ myself for over 20 years I designed this website to provide a one stop shop for all of your digital DJ system needs. No matter if you are a karaoke DJ or a night club DJ, if you spin techno music or hip hop or if you play on the radio or in your room or if you are a wedding DJ this website will provide you with the quality products and services you can use to elevate your DJ skills to the next level.

Weather you are professional DJ with years of experience or a beginner who is just starting out the Internet offers a wealth of information to help you make a well informed decision when it comes time for you to buy your DJ gear. There are numerous vendors who supply all types of DJ equipment and accessories from headphones, speakers and amplifiers to turntables, mixers and digital DJ software that allows you play and mix mp3 files directly from your PC.

There are many different aspects of DJing to consider. Let’s start with Equipment. For example if you are interested in being a club DJ then you would only be interested in having the basic equipment needed to play music because most night clubs / bars have their own sound system. But if you were interested in being a mobile DJ then you would need to have your own sound system & lights etc.

So the best thing to do before you begin is to have a clear plan of action before you begin to purchase anything. Trust me, if you come up with a plan & stick to it you will save a lot of time & money in the long run.

Networking is also an important aspect of being a successful DJ. The old fashioned way used to mostly rely on referrals from friends, family etc. But with new tools & resources available on the Internet you can promote yourself much more effectively than only using word of mouth. Social networking sites such as FACE BOOK, MY SPACE, & TWITTER just to name a few, make it much easier to market your services to people who are looking specifically what you as a DJ, have to offer. With resources like these you are able to match you unique style of Djing with a fan base of listeners that appreciate and enjoy the music that you play. So if you love to play music at party’s, clubs & events like I do now more than ever is a great time to become a professional DJ.

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Important Tips For the Finest Surround Sound System

Surround speakers provide great enjoyment for movies and games. Listening to good music, watching movies and television programs with an enclosed sound can greatly improve your satisfaction. The following are some essential tips on how to set up an excellent enclosed sound system.

Using audio-visual loud speakers are very essential in order that you can enjoy real surround sound. You must have a special loud speaker or A/V receiver and also a set amplifiers or speakers positioned accurately around the room. Surround sound may be 5.1, this consists of 5 speakers (right, left, center right surround and left surround) a subwoofer. A 7.1 surround has an additional couple of speakers (right back and also the left back) into the equation. You can purchase all-in-one speaker/amplifier packages and they are normally easier to assemble than to separate them.

The setting up of speakers can be positioned easier having front left and right amplifiers in either side surface of the television set, the central speaker is directly at the center and surround left and right amplifiers in either side of the couch (precisely at ear level). Take not of the subwoofer, it carries bass with non-directional frequency so that you place it anywhere which convenient. With 7.1 set up, just add the right back and left back amplifiers at the back of the couch.

Several persons arrange their respective rooms wherein the television set is placed in the corner. In this situation, you have to reorganize the positions of the speaker slightly. The main remains unchanged; place the right and left speakers in either surface of the monitor, the main speaker at the center and surround right and left amplifiers in either side of major seating area. Do not be bothered if the speakers in front come near to each other than the pair at the back. Al ways remember to ensure that every speaker is pointed in the spot wherein you are comfortable to view from.

The vital element to have an accurate surround sound is the use of exact wiring. For beginners, the range of frequency outputs of your speaker should necessarily be matched with the accurate speakers; front left outputs must be wired into front left speakers same as to other connections. Several surround sounds use color coded plugs or cables for easier connections. You can also match up the negative as well as the positive connections for every speaker.

In order to attain the best sound from your surround sound setting, you must hook up the DVD into your amplifier through digital link – either coaxial or optical depending on the kind of outputs present in the DVD player as well as the kind of inputs available in the amplifier. A digital link sends the finest quality enclosed sound from the movies you are viewing into your speakers.

Another essential thing is the accurate volume levels of the speaker. You will need of setting up delay time intended for each speaker or else sound from speakers close to you, come to you first and destroy the effect of the sound.

How to Shop for a Surround Sound System?

The advances of technology fueled the popularity of surround sound systems being used today. This high-technology equipment becomes our standard for entertainment. We can actually use it as a digital sound itself, or it can be attached to our plasma TVs for better surround sound experience.

However, since there are numerous numbers of models and companies manufacturing these devices, when we shop for one, we do have a lot of considerations mostly rooted from our personal preference. How do we choose the right surround sound system for us and what are our considerations when we shop for one? This article will be dealing more with all these.

The first consideration we have is our listening habits. This is the most important guide in choosing the right system for us. What type of music do we normally hear? Are you into full volume and specs or not? It is one thing that might fuel us to prefer one type of system. It is actually one of the determinants.
Another thing that we have to bear in mind is the location where we would want the system to be placed? Is it in our workplace, recreational room, or in the family room? Ascertain the available space first before shopping for one. We know very well that surround sound can be big or small depending on its specs and capabilities.

It is advisable to bring your own music when you go shopping. It is very essential to test how your music sounds with a certain surround sound? It is one way for you to check your options. Do not go with the price first. Go with the quality of the sound. When you look at the sound first, you might end up being hesitant to test it since you think you cannot afford it at all.

For best results, you have to purchase the parts and assemble it on your own. The components should be sold separately so that you can attest to the compatibility of the devices. While testing the speakers, try cranking the speakers to your usual volume. Crank the speakers on your preferred volume to make sure the sound quality will match your preference.

Digital audio receivers are very essential part of the system since it will be the balancer and the enhancer of the sound quality. You have to make sure that the receiver, although simpler ones, can manage the type of sound you want and it can filter the frequency of the sound waves.
At the same time, the cables should be of quality since the equipment is useless if we will not be using quality cables. Make sure that you use the specified cable along with the quality equipment to get quality sound.

When installing the equipment and the cables, seek advice from a professional installer on how to efficiently hook it up. You have to link all the equipment and make sure that there will be enough power supply and it is compatible to your home’s supply. Make sure to do a test run to make sure everything is in place and everything works.

These are all the precautions and the considerations in shopping for the best choice of surround sound component. At the same time, since appliances are a source of investment, we are sure that our money is not put into waste.

A Bose Surround Sound System, the Ultimate Listening Experience

If you have ever hear a Bose sound system or sat in a room and watched a movie with a Bose surround sound system then you know that it is the best and crispest sound available today. Bose did not get its reputation for premier sound systems for no reason it simply has been able to deliver the best products on a consistent basis through the years.

The company was founded in 1964 by Doctor Amar G. Bose, who was an electrical engineer professor at MIT in Cambridge. Many are not aware that he was making surround sound systems before they became popular with consumers and in fact anyone knew about them. The company he founded Bose Electronics was established in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Bose products comprise the entire spectrum of sound related products. Their speakers are perhaps most famous for their speakers, which are considered the premier speakers in the market today. The company also makes the Bose surround system which encompasses the home theater products, headphones and other similar high quality audio products. They also make a full line of audio products for the car which includes premier speakers Bose also professional equipment for musicians and audio professionals; Bose has a complete line of amplifiers and loudspeakers.

To watch a movie or just listening to music the Bose experience is truly unique and truly gratifying. Their products command a premium price, but you also get a premium experience for the money. Current Bose surround sound system include the new the Bose Lifestyle 28 Series III DVD home entertainment system. The system has an innovative Bose technology that customizes the system’s sound to your room, the Bose® CineMate® Series II Digital Home Theater Speaker System and the Bose® CineMate® Series II Digital Home Theater Speaker System among many others.

There not much to say about a Bose surround sound system that has not already been said, hearing is believing and once you see a movie or put on one of their headphones you are hooked. This is the ultimate sound system and amazingly they keep improving their technology. Those that want the best listening experience whether it be watching a movie with realistic sounds or listening to how each instrument contributes to a musical piece, the Bose is the premier choice.

Auto Sound Systems to Avoid

The Auto sound systems to avoid should be known by potential car audio equipment buyers. This will help reduce the risk of buying outdated or low quality car sound systems. Products such as compact docking systems, digital music systems and bass packages all have their required quality benchmarks in order to be enjoyed optimally. The most simple answer to to buy from the big companies such as Sony, Pioneer, Bose, Panasonic and Alpine. The reason a lot of people do not like to buy from them is because of the high prices that they charge and correctly so because of the high levels of precision that they are able to maintain due to their highly skilled labor force.

Single bass vs double bass

Double bass packages are way more advanced that single bass in terms of sound quality. They are of course much more expensive but at places like Amazon and eBay you can get a good deal that you should be happy with. Digital music systems are very complicated so you can only differentiate between the car audio packages on offer by looking at the system specification just as you would when buying a personnel computer. The double bass allow for a much authentic listening experience for both the driver and passengers no matter where they are seated in a car. Single bass is only really applicable if you are to use your car audio system mainly for listening to the radio. This is because the sound quality is far less of a factor to enjoy the content, this is not true when listening to your favorite music albums at high volumes.

Auto sound system – clear out sale stock

Most big stores run a sale at intervals throughout the year usually called clear out sale. The main reason for these drastic drops in price is the fact the the equipment is outdated and the shops need to get them off the shelves to make room for the new better models. buying auto sound systems in such a way should be avoided if you want to buy something that is equipped with modern features such as touchscreen and wireless connections to mobile phones. However if you are short on money then buying car subwoofers, compact docking systems, and general car audio sets then using these sales is probably the way to go.

Buy Multiple speakers a subwoofers – avoid single speaker systems

The best way to ensure a good overall surround sound music experience in your car is to have multiple speakers and subwoofers located around your vehicle. A possible setup could be to have wireless audio speakers in each corner of the car or behind each seat. It really depends on the car that you have and the physical design of it. I suggest that you have portable woofer cones that are wireless linked to the in dash audio system as it will give you the flexibility to move them about as you see fit with little hindrance. In conclusion I would say that you should avoid auto sound systems with single speaker setups, especially with they are only single bass.

Computer Sound System Basics

If you love to listen to music while you work on your computer, then you
should check out the newest computer sound systems. Computer sound systems
deliver realistic sound reproduction and excellent bass for most listeners
needs. Here’s some tips on purchasing a great computer sound system.
If you enjoy CD’s, MP3’s, watch DVD movies, or play games on your
computer, your sound system is an integral part of enjoying the entire
experience. There are now plenty of computer sound systems that deliver high
quality sound reproduction along with a small size and price.

Whether you are looking for deep resonant bass or THX digital processing, you
can find them on computer sound systems. Many surround sound speaker systems are
now made for computers and the prices are very reasonable.
If you are looking for a basic two speaker system or a speaker and bass
woofer system, you can find a computer sound system easily and
inexpensively. Many quality sound systems can be found for less than $100.

high end surround sound or THX sound systems made for DVD movies expect to pay
from around $200 to over $400. Computer sound systems are sold at most
electronics and computer stores and there are plenty of models to choose from.
Another vital part of your computer sound system is the sound card. Basically
sound cards function to convert digital signals into analog, and vice-versa in
some cases. Almost all computers sold currently have an adequate sound card but
if listening to high quality sound while watching a movie or playing computer
games is important to you, consider upgrading your sound card.

An extra benefit
of a premium sound card is that it can improve the performance of your computer
in general. Quality cards have their own processor built in which can assume
some of the workload of the main computer processor, freeing it up for other
tasks. Remember to investigate online and find the best prices and features. Don’t
overspend and buy too much card for your computer.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Sound Files in iTunes

I remember when iPods were first introduced, all my drummer friends said “The cymbals are all squashed. This sounds like crap!”. And, though I may not be as particular about cymbal fidelity as they were, I pretty much agreed. The file format we were listening to was MP3, and they are still notorious for their ability to wreak havoc on a great recording, but there are options available that can help.

MP3s (and AAC encoding) use “lossy” compression, this makes files smaller-which allows you to fit many more of them on your hard drive-but it also degrades sound quality. With today’s larger hard drives and cloud storage options however, file size is not as big of a concern as it once was, so “lossless” file types and other options should be considered.

Many factors impact digital sound file quality: the type of encoder used, the sample rate, the bit rate, and the characteristics of the original recording. Lower bit rates produce smaller file sizes, but they also damage audio quality. 128 kbps is a standard bit rate for digital music-which is higher than the 96 kbps of FM radio, but lower than CD quality which is between 224 and 320 kbps. Then there’s the sample rate, which is measured in Hertz (Hz) and is typically 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz for digital music.

You can customize these settings in the iTunes Import Preferences (iTunes-Preferences-General-Import Settings) and vastly improve the quality of downloaded/ripped songs. Next to “Import Using” you can choose between AAC Encoder, AIFF Encoder (lossless), Apple Lossless Encoder, MP3 Encoder and WAV Encoder (lossless). Next to “Setting” you can select “Automatic” or “Custom”. The Custom settings are where the real flexibility lies. Here you can choose a custom Sample Rate (8 – 48 kHz) and Sample Size (bit rate, 8 or 16 bit).

The higher the Sample Rate or Sample Size number, the better your songs will sound. For real hi-fidelity you can save files in the WAV or AIFF formats with a 96kHz Sample Rate and a 24 bit Sample Size, the result will be roughly 4x the quality of CDs. Apple Lossless encoding will compress the file, but retains all information, so it is a good option as well. Experiment with these setting to find the perfect balance of sound quality and file size.

The final link in the sound quality chain is your choice of speakers, headphones, or earbuds, and these have a huge impact. Even the highest possible bit rates and sample rates won’t sound good through a bad sound system. So, if you care about sound quality, make some iTunes adjustments and get the best speakers or headphones you can afford. Your ears will thank you.

Will is Senior Communications Designer at Cue Acoustics. He is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, has won numerous awards as a guitarist, designer and composer, is featured in Guitar Hero and RockBand video games, and has toured Europe and North America as a member of the bands Think Tree and Count Zero.

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Bose SoundDock 10 Digital Music System

Music enthusiasts supposedly no matter where they might be would surely prefer a really unique music experience that would even eliminate the need to attend concerts. Most music lovers of today actually like to listen to their favorite tunes on their iPod or iPhone, so for those who have actually done enough research for an appropriate speaker system for their Apple gadget would surely be aware of the Bose SoundDock 10 digital music system.

It is indeed true that within the market of musical accessories and gadgets, the Bose name cannot go unnoticed. The sounds systems from Bose are known to be highly up to date as far as technology is concerned, since the company ensures that it remains among the top manufacturers of music systems. Apart from that, the quality of their music systems has undoubtedly always impressed and the prices are known to be quite affordable.

From the physical appearance that the Bose SoundDock 10 showcases, it looks quite sleek and stylish, but it is in fact the latest technology that Bose has made a part of the music system that truly sets it apart. Apple has actually approved this particular stereo music system and for that very reason the SoundDock 10 is compatible with a wide variety of apple gadgets, most commonly the iPhones and iPods available these days.

The sound quality of the music system seems to be quite impressive and distinct as well, that truly makes it worth having without the need of ever wanting to replace it. Apart from being a compatible device with various Apple gadgets, the SoundDock 10 is even capable of operating as a basic stereo system within any household, yet you would find its performance to be quite unforgettable unlike other systems.

The main unit of the music system is actually a custom woofer with dual Bose Twiddler transducers bracketing it. While the speakers can separately be moved about for ideal sound traveling, the woofer unit would seem to be a bit heavy. In fact the whole SoundDock 10 music system has a weight of 18.9 pounds which surely makes you feel that it is substantially packed with the necessary high-tech technology.

Another trait that is quite mesmerizing when listening to music through the SoundDock 10 is the clarity of the sound because of which would be clearly able to hear a wide variety of tones no matter how high or low they are. It is in fact the waveguide technology by Bose that makes all of this possible and due to it the music you hear seems quite crystal clear with every note being distinctly heard. Other music systems have been known to rather muffle particular notes, specifically those that tend to be a bit low-pitched but that is not the case with the SoundDock 10 and hence anything you hear would always seem great.

Along with the above mentioned technology the design of the woofer also seems to be quite innovative too. What actually makes the SoundDock 10’s woofer so distinct and unlike others you might have used is that there is the presence of quite a large magnet that further improves the quality of the sound.

The Bose technology always baffles iPod or iPhone users since the SoundDock 10 seems to work really well with these devices. The pricing of the SoundDock 10 might seem higher to some but it merely reflect Bose’s quality and what you pay is what you get.

Computer Sound Systems – Listen to Music Loud

Modern computers are becoming more than what one required from the classic PCs. Now, the computers are seen as the entire home entertainment devices. Along with the ability to do professional work, a user can also connect to the world through internet, play exciting games, watch movies on VCD/DVD/Blu-Ray and listen to music. The logic of a computer becoming the entire homes center of entertainment qualifies the need for a little more costly and much better sound system than a user is currently using. The following article mentions how the modern computer sound systems provide the sound quality which offers the user (and his/her entire home) with excellent listening experience.

The different computer sound systems include 2.0 speaker setup which offers just a central stereo (2 speakers), 2.1 speaker setup which provide a sub woofer along with a central stereo and the high surround sound Dolby digital 5.1 which can provide an excellent cinematic feel around the room (and around the house if the speakers are wireless). The 5.1 speaker setup contains 5 speakers and a sub woofer. These have been expanded to 6.1 and 7.1 systems but the working of the sound systems is shown through 5.1. The different speakers of all computer sound systems provide different sounds and contribute to the listening experience.

The 5.1 speaker channel consist of a center speaker, two front speakers, two surround speakers and a sub woofer (the.1!) which completes the excellent movie or gaming experience. The center speaker is mainly used for the dialogues of the games or the films. One can check that their center speaker is working correctly or not by checking a movie is playing only sound or also the dialogue. If the any other stereo audio source is plugged, then the center speaker would stay mute. The front speakers (front left and front right) provide the action effects and noises. Anything other than dialogue would come from the front speakers. Many users find it better to have the front speakers a bit louder than the center speaker.

The two surround speakers are generally kept a bit further from the listener (on the far end or along the wall). These provide the true cinematic feel as one can hear the sound of movements and things going past. They can be generally quieter than main speakers but provide the real depth in the experience of the viewer (or game player). The final component of the setup is the sub woofer speaker. It produces high pitch and low pitch sounds, also known as the low frequency effects (LFEs). These frequencies do not have any particular direction which explains the need of one but the one sub-woofer can provide real feeling to the music or the audio one is listening.

The 6.1 setup includes a rear speaker and the 7.1 setup includes two rear speakers which complete the true surround sound experience. The different sound formats for the computer sound systems which can also offer home listening are Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital EX, TruSurround XT, DTS and DTS-ES. These formats can enhance the sound quality of the speakers as every format means different set for speakers.

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